ABARTH 695 1.4 T-jet Rivale (eu6d-temp)



      List price
      23.305,79 EUR
      Fleet discount
      16 %
      New car tax
      2.478,- EUR


      CO2 category
      CO2 emission
      155 g/km
      CO2 participation
      67,66 EUR
      A new type of vehicle that is introduced always has to meet certain conditions. For example, Europe imposes certain restrictions regarding emissions of NOx, CO, hydrocarbons and particulate matter (soot). This is called the Euro standard.
      Average consumption
      6,80 l/100km


      Fuel type
      Engine displacement
      1.368 cc
      Engine power
      180 hp - 132 kW
      Fiscal power
      8 hp
      Body type
      Number of doors
      Number of seats
      205/40 WR 17
      Run-flat tyres
      Top speed
      225 km/h
      Maximum mileage
      180.000 km
      Did you know that some options positively influence the second hand car price and so possibly your monthly leasing installment? The options with a positive influence for this car are: metallic paint and air conditioning.
      Monthly lease
      449,50 EUR
      (VAT excluded)

      Contractual parameters and optional services

      Yearly mileage

      10.000 km
      The annual mileage is the total number of kilometers the vehicle will drive per year. Along with the duration the annual mileage is an important parameter in calculating the leaseprice.


      60 months
      The duration is the total number of months the vehicle will drive. Along with the annual mileage the duration is an important parameter in calculating the leaseprice.


      0 EUR
      By paying a downpayment you lower the monthly lease payments. The downpayment amount should be somewhere between 10% and 25% of the net investment. The net investment will be reduced by the amount of the downpayment. The list of proposed vehicles already takes into account the downpayment amount you introduced.

      Service package

      Winter tyres

      If you choose winter tires we guarantee you a set of winter tires at all times (according to normal wear).

      Fuel service

      When you choose fuel, you will receive a national fuel card that gives you access to all fuel stations from Shell, Esso, Total and Q8 in Belgium.

      Driver insurance

      The statutory TP car insurance covers the victims of a traffic accident. The driver remains excluded from compensation if he is held liable for the accident. These drivers insurance covers predetermined capitals in case of death, permanent disability and medical expenses. The insured capital amounts up to € 7,500 in the event of death, € 15,000 in case of disability and € 2,500 in case of medical costs.

      Purchase option "Rent-To-Own"

      16 %
      When you choose purchase option, you have the opportunity to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease contract at a predetermined price. This price can be determined by yourself and needs to vary between 16% and 25% of the net investment value of the vehicle. So if you choose for purchase option, do not forget to mark "registration in own name" if at the end of the contract you want to avoid extra costs to register the car in own name.

      Standard equipment (25 items)

      Active safety

      • TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitorig System)

      Audio / Communication / Instruments

      • Apple Carplay/Android Auto
      • TFT 7'' Display
      • Uconnect 7'' HD radio AM/FM DAB Bluet.USB/AUX


      • ABS
      • EBD
      • LED dagrijlichten
      • Mistlampen vooraan

      Transmission / Suspension

      • KONI schokdemper achteraan
      • KONI schokdemper vooraan

      Optical elements / Tuning

      • Akrapovic uitlaatsysteem
      • Alcantara sportstuur met inlegstukken in Carbon
      • Bicolore kleur
      • Cover toerenteller in Alcantara
      • Dashboard in Carbon
      • JAV SuperSport matgrijs 17''+205/40
      • Zwart remklauwen Brembo

      Comfort / Interior & exterior

      • Abarth sportstoelen in leder
      • Achterzijruiten en achterruit in getint glas
      • Afstandbediening voor centrale deurvergrendeling
      • Alcantara sportstuur met inlegstukken in Carbon
      • Automatisch dimmende achteruitkijkspieg. dag/nacht
      • Automatische klimaatregeling monozone
      • Elektrisch verstelbare+verwarmde buitenspiegels
      • Stuurbekrachtiging

      Selected options, packs and accessories

      Exterior color
      Blu Riva-Grigio Ferrari
      Interior color

      Add more accessories

      If you order an accessory, your car will be delivered including the accessory. In this case, we are owner of this accessory and therefore, at the end of the contract, the car has to be returned including the accessory. To add an accessory, please select first the type of accessory and fill in the correct price. The price of an accessory should be requested upfront from the dealer. Do you wish to retain the accessory after the contract, order the accessory directly from the dealer and leave this field blank.

      Add more packs and options

      Interior color
      Audio / Communication / Instruments
      Geïntegreerde antenne
      104,13 EUR
      Parkeersensoren AR in koetswerkkleur
      208,26 EUR
      Premium Hi-Fi Audiosysteem Beats 480W
      416,53 EUR
      Uconnect 7'' HD Nav Radio AM/FM DAB Bluet.USB/AUX
      451,24 EUR
      Comfort / Interior & exterior
      52,06 EUR
      Sky Dome: groot glazen elektrisch open dak
      694,22 EUR
      Optical elements / Tuning
      Gepersonnaliseerde 'Tender To' badge
      173,55 EUR
      Kit hour: stuur+dashboard+drempels+pookknop
      347,10 EUR
      Xenon koplampen
      520,66 EUR
      Transmission / Suspension
      Abarth D.A.M
      1.319,01 EUR
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      • Blu Riva-Grigio Ferrari